@CasualCoo & @LadyCoo have been busy this month with a great deal of real-life quests. The biggest quest being that we are moving in together! We are both very excited about this new adventure.

However, we are more excited to announce that on March 27th at 6 pm PST we will be streaming another of our Drunk Tanking streams. We would like you to join us and have a few laughs. If you are interested in join us for a run or two or just to check join our Discord at https://discord.gg/2untzf7.

During our stream on the 27th, @CasualCoo & @LadyCoo are introducing some new interactive elements of our stream but we also have a very exciting announcement. We will doing this announcement at 7:30 pm PST, so please tune-in. Click here for our channel, give us a follower or if you so desire subscribe when you visit.

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