CasualCoo is in celebration mode!

@CasualCoo is dancing with joy and is full of love! He can’t believe the amount of support he has been getting over the past 3 months. Thanks for all the follows, subscriptions, merchandise purchases and more. Goals on all his social media channels were reached in December and January. He would have met his goals in February as well, however real life got in the way and his planned streaming schedule did not happen.

@CasualCoo is appreciative of all his followers on all his social media channels. However, he has been blown away by the support he has received on Twitch. At the time of publishing this blog, @CasualCoo has 1962 followers on Twitch. This is a fantastic boost to his confidence and he loves all the support.

As mentioned above, real life has disrupted @CasualCoo‘s streaming schedule. He has a couple more weeks of madness, but come April will be back in full force. (No worries this has nothing to do with the CONVID-19 virus business). His limited schedule as not been wasted, in fact, next time you see @CasualCoo you will see a marked difference in him. The biggest impact is that he and @LadyCoo are taking their bond to the next level and moving in. (This move is consuming his time for the next two weeks!)

In the meantime, you can catch @CasualCoo & @LadyCoo stream on March 13th for their crazy Drunk Tanking stream and there may be something special on March 17th (if you are lucky enough to find a 4 leaf clover)! Tune-in at 6:30 pm PDT at