#plankthecurve Video M**** B**** is now Dauber Tunes

As of July 27th, 2020, @CasualCoo & @LadyCoo retired #plankthecurve Video M**** B****. This was due to an issue the owner of the MUSIC BINGO trademark had with our previous name. He sent us a cease and desist letter regarding using the term MUSIC BINGO in our title.

To avoid any prolonged and costly battle, and the fact we were anticipating such action, @CasualCoo & @LadyCoo decided to rebrand and retool our stream and service to Dauber Tunes.

We are excited about the new Dauber Tunes. The response we have got from our community and sponsors is highly encouraging for the ongoing success and growth of our socially responsible entertainment option.

Part of our re-branding has included creating a new set of social media channels (click on links below). We will also be launching a new website. email subscription, and merchandise store in September. In addition, we will be expanding our services to your favourite pubs, taverns and restaurants. There will also be options for party parties, corporate events and community fundraising. Follow one of our social media channels to get notices on when the above new content & services are available.

Thanks to all the strong and wonderful support our community has giving us since we first started our stream on April 1st.

See you Saturday nights starting at 6:30 PM PT.

@CasualCoo & @LadyCoo

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