CasualCoo is a West Coast Canadian lad to has been playing World of Warcraft in early 2006. He started playing during late nights up with his newborn daughter who did not sleep much throughout the night. Once he got her settled CasualCoo would place his daughter on his shoulder then go adventuring in Azeroth till he was confident she was fully out for the night.

As per his name Coo plays World of Warcraft in a very casual and leisurely pace. CasualCoo is a dedicated player and keeps up-to-date on news not only from Blizzard but many of the find content providers out there. However, the bottom line is that World of Warcraft is just a game. Real-life will always trump playing the game.

You will know a CasualCoo toon as all his characters have “Coo” in their name. He plays both Alliance and Horde. He started out as Horde and added toons on Alliance when a raiding opportunity arose.

CasualCoo came about as he felt there was space in WOW’s streaming community for someone who was a true casual. A safe, enjoyable, entertaining place where there is no judgement or toxicity.

Coo also has taken on play Fortnite as well he hosts an online version of music bingo. His whole being is about

All and everyone is welcome to participating in CasualCoo’s community as long as his community rules are followed.

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