CasualCoo Media is a multi-disciplinary media agency dedicated to fostering content creators who are looking to build, grow and sustain an online or long-term business brand. Our services include training, mentoring, community-building, collaboration, and professional development to anyone looking to become a content provider.

The agency also produces and hosts it’s own content and streaming events on our Twitch channel.


To provide the high quality, relevant & meaningful training, mentorship and representation to new and causal content providers.


The mission of CasualCoo Media is to enrich, educate and empower casual content and providers with the skills and knowledge they need to take their passions and make a viable new media business venture. Our mission also encompasses facilitating the collaboration between casual content creators and brands who align with our community’s values.

Get Casual!

So, how do you get your casual? If you are looking to get more out of your content creation, streaming or new media effort CasualCoo Media can help you in the following ways:

Training & Development

Collaboration & Community

Partnerships & Growth

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