So, a couple of weeks ago CasualCoo re-launched Friday Night Dungeons. The stream was so popular what he felt it could not be buried for too long. In that, it was decided to bring back Friday Night Dungeons on Timewalking weeks! There will be a lot less dying (hopefully), but as per our first stream back we will be able to entertain!

For our second episode (March 10th) for FND – Timewalking CasualCoo is excited to announce our Casually Noob star, SparklyVixen, will be co-hosting live! She will be live in Coo’s HQ play, co-hosting and bring her noobness to the stream! Want to play with her, want to play, want to join us via Discord? If you are interested joining us send Coo a BattleTag friend request to coodulac#1503

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