Are you a casual World of Warcraft player?

So, CasualCoo & his most casual buddy Sanchin are running a Casuals Got Talent show for the next 6 weeks. They are looking to create a most casual raiding team that will run every other Saturday night starting on February 25th.

We want you to join us on a Thursday night when we run Mythic Dungeons. There will be no ilevel or gear requirements. You will be judged on your tolerance for wiping, willingness to learn and personality! Interested?

If you want to join us hit up Coo on his battletag coodulac#1503. We will take casual alliance and horde toons!

If you are not already follow CasualCoo on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. This way you can casually keep up will all his casual shenanigans.