CasualCoo started streaming on Twitch in the summer of 2019. His goal in his efforts has revolved around in highlight the value of casual playthrough and players in World of Warcraft. Much to his surprise, the growth of his community has exceeded his expectations.

Based on that growth, CasualCoo’s goal of becoming a Twitch Partner is now on. He initially was going to strive to become a partner on Twitch by his first anniversary on August 1st. However, through his ever-expanding follower, viewer and subscriber base he is going to try and reach that partner level by March 31st.

You are invited along for the casual ride as CasualCoo strives to become a Twitch partner. How can you ride along?

  • Tune-in during one of his steams. Click here to check out his schedule.
  • When you are watching ensure you follow and/or subscribe.
  • Share CasualCoo’s twitch URL with your family and friends — —
  • Keep up-to-date on CasualCoo by following him on Twitter and/or Instagram.

CasualCoo is extremely grateful for all the support he has received from you on his journey so far as a Twitch contributor. He is looking forward to continuing his journey with you right beside him.

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