Hello all our casual community members! @CasualCoo & @LadyCoo are excited to introduce you to our new stream Tanking & Tupperware. It was time for us switch up the content we deliver you. In that, we are taking a break from our regular bi-weekly Drunk Tanking stream and entertaining you with our new Tanking & Tupperware stream.

Every other Friday you are going to get our version of a casual variety show. There will be two primary elements of the show. As you can guess the first being tanking, where @CasualCoo, and occasionally @LadyCoo, will be tanking dungeons in World of Warcraft. Then with equal billing @LadyCoo will be show you all the fantastic products that come under the Tupperware line. There will be product reviews, demonstrations and possibly even a party or two!

To supplement the tanking and Tupperware you can also expect:

  • Phone guests
  • Discord chat
  • Reactions to videos and other things
  • Dives into the madness of the Internet i.e. Paying for an EPal to play with us
  • and much more.

Come join us on Twitch every other Friday at 7 pm Pacific. Follow-up on Twitter or Instagram to be alerted when our next stream is.