@CasualCoo & @LadyCoo are excited to announce that we will be launching a new stream to help #PlanktheCurve! Starting on March 28th at 7:00 pm PST we will be hosting Musical Fun Night on our Twitch channel.

What is #plankthecurve Musical Fun Night?

#plankthecurve Musical Fun Night is an amazing, social, interactive game which combines music and bingo!!! This activity is very popular up here in British Columbia as a pub game. It is a fantastically fun evening where you get together with friends and other pub patrons, listen, sing and dance to snippets of songs and win prizes.

Due to public health orders and our new physical distancing reality we can no longer go down to our local for our regular music bingo. So, @CasualCoo & @LadyCoo thought we would bring a version of the popular game to you via our Twitch Channel. We would like to invite you to join us. The fun will begin at 7 pm PST.

This Saturday’s stream will be our premiere. In that, we will be only playing one game and be limiting the number of participates to 50 people.

How will it work?

Game play:

Once we all gather on Twitch We will send each of you a unique bingo card, which will have song titles & artists on it. We will then play a snippet of a song. If that song is on your bingo you mark it off. To win this game you need to get 2 lines. If you have crossed out 2 lines you will be able to shout BINGO in Discord or type !BINGO in our Twitch chat. We will then get you email or text us a picture of your winning card. It is that simple!

How can I participate?

To participate we are asking you to the following:

  • Visit our Twitch Channel
  • Click on the “heart” icon to follow and/or click the subscribe button*
  • Register to play (fill out form below)
  • Tune-in to our Twitch Channel at by 7 pm PST

Register to Play:

To register for #plankthecurve Musical Fun Night please fill out and submit the following form.

*To be eligible for a bingo card you must be a follower or subscriber to CassualCoo’s Twitch channel. A follower gets one (1) card and subscribers get three (3) cards.

See you all on Saturday night! Register early as it will be first come, first serve.

@CasualCoo & @LadyCoo