Wheel of Dungeon Disasters for World of Warcraft

Yep CasualCoo and his casual crew are not bad enough already we want your help to make us worse! So, if any of you have ever caught one of our streams where we could not make it through a dungeon, we are adding a new level of complexity.

Based on your interaction with Coo on Twitch you can make things more difficult for this dungeon runs. In that, CasualCoo is proud to announce the Wheel of Dungeon Disasters! Whether it be a follow (get your friends to do this!), channel subscription (new or renewal), gift subs, tips or bits, you will get to spin the wheel and the participants in our World of Warcraft dungeon party have to comply for 5 minutes!

You have all loved watching us die on our own during our dungeon streams, helps us along! ***wink wink***

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