LadyCoo & CasualCoo have been overwhelmed but all your support! THANK YOU!

January has been a fantastic month so far for CasualCoo and LadyCoo! We set some very realistic and achievable goals at the start of the month. Our hope was to continue a modest level of growth in terms of viewers, followers and subscribers across our channels.

So far were have blown out our followers and cheers goals. We were hoping to get 30 new followers and to date, we are well over 225 this month. For cheers bits, we were only looking for 100 and we are 145. We are so thankful to you all for this support.

One goal we would really like to see reach is our sub-goal (15). We are currently at 9. We only need 6 more. If we achieve that goal LadyCoo will be tanking a dungeon during our first Drunk Tanking stream in February. She had to tank this month as we made our December sub-goal. LadyCoo had never played WOW before, so it was a special moment. Click here to watch her tank.

LadyCoo is eager to try her chops again in the tanking seat. Let’s get her there! We only need 6 more subscribers. To subscribe visit CasualCoo’s Twitch page and click on the purple button in the upper right.

NOTE: If you are an Amazon Prime member out can subscribe to CasualCoo at no cost. Email him at and he will send you instructions.