With CasualCoo’s pending casual return in October his casual minions have been working hard. part of their efforts has included the launch of Tier 2 of his casual gear. This gear is designed for Coo’s World of Warcraft players and your insatiable need for more and better great. Whether you are looking to upgrade or expand your transmog library Coo’s new tier gear will help you reach your next achievement.

The best part of CasualCoo’s Tier 2 gear no matter your playing level or style there is a piece of gear for you. Whether it be Grey, Green Blue, Epic (Purple) or Legendary (Orange) you will be able to find a piece of gear that matches your level of casualness! Each colour of the gear has its’ own stats, attributes and special abilities. For each colour there is a t-shirt for both males and females, an unisex hoodie & beverage vessels.


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