CasualCoo & LadyCoo are so happy and proud of our community members who have been instrumental in the growth of our #plankthecurve Dauber Tunes stream. We had no expectations when we launched this stream on April 1st that we would grow from a small of 15 family and friends to over 200 people from 6 different countries.

What is most amazing about this entire growth is the interaction between our viewers and their giving. On May 30th our users sat down for a 8 plus hour stream to raise money for COV-AID. Our goal was to raise $500. We reached this goal. WOW! Click here to watch the stream.

CasualCoo & LadyCoo never thought that our version of a local pub game would go global. If you want to learn more or play click here. We play every Saturday night at 6:30 pm Pacific Time. All welcome, always free and there are prizes!