Well, it’s here! The next patch in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion drops today. CasualCoo & his crew are expected for the new zone, quests, world events and especially new mythics for us to wipe, wipe and wipe some more!

CasualCoo will be streaming the the new patch starting around 3 pm PST or whenever WOW’s servers come online. Besides getting to hang out with CasualCoo in his Emerald Dream, you also get yourself a cute little Llama battle pet. Watch 4 hours of CasualCoo between November 7th and 14th and WOW through Twitch Drops will send you the pet. In addition, watch CasualCoo between November 15th and 21st and you can earn yourself a camel mount.

Casually watch CasualCoo and get free stuff!

If you are not already follow CasualCoo on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. This way you can casually keep up will all his casual shenanigans.