August 1st represents @CasualCoo‘s 5th Twitch Anniversary! To celebrate this milestone he is excited @CasualCoo will be doing a 5 day anniversary event & subathon. Over the 5 days Coo will host all his and his community’s shows & segments. The fun will start on August 1st at 4 pm PST. This special event will run between August 1st to 5th, with Coo going live on Twitch everyday for a minimum of 4 hours. The ultimate goal, through your involvement and support, will see @CasualCoo stream for 24 hours on the last day of the event.

@CasualCoo‘s 5th Twitch Anniversary Stream Schedule:

  • Thursday, August 1st: Casual Mythic Thursday (CMT)
  • Friday, August 2nd: Friday Night Dungeons & Frisky Friday
  • Saturday, August 3rd: Dauber Tunes – Music Bingo w/ Stream Raiders
  • Sunday, August 4th: Casually Fortnite + TBA (Special PREMIERE)
  • Monday, August 5th: Mythic Monday + TBD (possible 24 hour stream)

All streams will start at 4 pm PST, except on August 3rd when things will start at 5 pm PST. All streams include playing with viewer activities.

How to Get Coo Stream for 24 hours?

So, how can all your wonderful casuals support Coo and push him to stream for 24 hours. Each of the following actions will add time to Coo’s Monday, August 5th stream!

Btw, this will be an uncapped subathon so if 24 hours is hit your continued support will continue to add time to his stream. Who knows where this could go! Coo could be streaming for the next 5 years stream 24/7! (Not sure the world would be ready for that!)

Mark your calendar and come celebrate @CasualCoo‘s 5th anniversary on starting on August 1st!

If you are not already follow @CasualCoo on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. This way you can casually keep up will all his casual shenanigans.

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